At the Coal-Face!

Whether you rent or own your own property, everyone has to live somewhere, and everyone needs a roof over their head…it’s a fundamental human right, and in Australia, we are very lucky that most of us actually do have shelter, a place to call home. As a result, everyone has some type of interest, vested or not, in property, and it’s a regular topic of conversation at BBQ’s, at the water cooler, and just about anywhere and everywhere.

Regardless of whether you are in the market to sell or buy, it’s always handy to know ‘first-hand’ how the market in your local area is performing; there are several ways to do this – research online, read the local property pages, talk to local agents, and even better, come and see for yourself! Every week, particularly on Saturdays, there are properties open for inspection in your suburb and surrounds; as well as properties being auctioned…everyone is welcome to attend a public auction or an open home, and it’s a great way to see what’s happening ‘right now’ in the market place.

This weekend you are very welcome to come along to one or more of our open homes, ‘pressure-free’ and a friendly smile is guaranteed.