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What Should I Ask a Mortgage Broker?

An increasing number of Australians are using a mortgage broker to help them navigate the diverse range of home loans on the market today – whether buying a property or refinancing. Regardless of whether buying for the first time or refinancing, a broker can assist you to find the best deal that suits your circumstances.

Mortgage brokers deal with a variety of lenders from the big four banks through to smaller … Read the full post »

What is Lenders Mortgage Insurance?

Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI) is a fee banks and other finance lenders charge borrowers when they are deemed high risk. Usually, this is when their deposit is less than 20% of their property’s purchase price.

Made by the borrower at the time of the property settlement, the one-off payment protects the lender in the event that the borrower cannot make the repayments on their home loan.

When is it due?

Generally, the borrower … Read the full post »

Property Snapshot – National Home Value Report

CoreLogic’s latest quarterly report confirms that Australia’s smallest cities and regional areas are driving growth in national housing values as Sydney and Melbourne decline.

The first quarter of 2022 has seen Australian dwelling values rise by 2.4%, adding approximately $17,000 to the value of an Australian dwelling; this time last year values were rising at more than double the current pace, up 5.8% over the three months to March 2021 before … Read the full post »

The Federal Budget 2022

Last week’s Federal Budget received a mixed response by economists and media commentators – a combination of big spending whilst also a focus on reducing the budget deficits, a delicate balancing act, and one that also clearly has the upcoming federal election in May very much in mind.

A stronger-than-expected economy, a record number of people in employment (with the forecast for unemployment to fall below four percent – a 50-year … Read the full post »

Dealing with Mould

With the inclement weather we’ve recently been experiencing – teeming rain (flooding in some areas) and high levels of humidity, many households are dealing with an unpleasant and insidious visitor – mould.

Not only is mould unsightly (when visible) but it is associated with significant health issues and must be eliminated.  There’s plenty of evidence that mould – minute microorganisms growing on any moist surface – can have an impact on … Read the full post »

Landlord Insurance

Insurance is one of those topics that makes many of us ‘sigh’, it costs us money, there is an ever-increasing range of insurance products, and it seems to continually rise. When it comes to budgeting, it can be tempting to cut back insurance or let some policies lapse altogether; however, when it come to Landlords Insurance, this is an absolute essential for anyone owning an investment property and should be … Read the full post »

Market on the Cusp of Change

After 18 months of a very clear seller’s market across most of Australia, and certainly very much so on the Sunshine Coast, property analysts and forecasters are warning of a softening in conditions as a surge in new properties hitting the market is providing more choice for buyers, tempering some of the heat.

January and February marked the busiest start to the year for new listings in Australia’s capital cities since 2014, in … Read the full post »

Household Battery Recycling

We’ve all been guilty of throwing a dead AA or AAA battery straight into the bin right, despite the known risks of them contaminating landfill or even starting a rubbish tip fire?  The good news is that this month a national recycling scheme has been launched to make it easier for Australians to dispose of their old batteries in a safe, more environmentally friendly way.

The B-cycle scheme covers smaller … Read the full post »

Queensland Floods

Out of respect to the people suffering from the devastation of the catastrophic weather event in south-east Queensland over the past week, we will not be providing any real estate advise this week.  Rather, we dedicate this space to give a huge shout out to all the people, paid and unpaid who have risked their own lives and given up their time to assist those who have been in danger … Read the full post »


Last week budget airline BONZA announced they would base their operations from the Sunshine Coast Airport; and will fly to a variety of regional destinations with low-cost airfares from the middle of 2022. This news has been well received by the business community, as well as the wider community in general who will now have the option of flying to a suite of destinations from their local airport instead of … Read the full post »

Rent Increases Matching Growth of 2007

CoreLogic, Australia’s leading provider of property information and analytics, have released their quarterly Rental Review which shows that across our capital cities and, regional areas – houses and units all saw an increase in rents last quarter, culminating in the highest calendar year growth rate since 2007, with a national rental index increase of 1.9%.

Despite quarterly growth rates easing since peaking in March at 3.2%, the national index recorded its … Read the full post »

What’s In Store for Interest Rates in 2022

Last week for the first time Reserve Bank of Australia governor Philip Lowe, admitted there is a possibility of a rate rise later this year, during his National Press Club address last Wednesday; acknowledging they will go up, but said he was unable to say ‘when’.

The likelihood of a rate rise this year has been predicted by the financial market and many leading economists, whilst the RBA adopt a wait … Read the full post »

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