Be Cyclone Smart!

The warnings of the possibility of Cyclone Oma hitting our coastline at the end of this week with strong winds, rain and 3-4 metre waves, is a timely reminder about our vulnerability to the elements, especially in cyclone season. It is imperative that you listen to the authorities with regard to boating activities, and any swimming/surfing. If a beach is closed, do not swim; and it is recommended only the very experienced surfers should be attempting to go out in the huge swells predicted.

In the event of a cyclone it is good to be prepared with a plan/strategy to keep your family safe and your property protected.

Click here to read important information issued by the Australian Bureau of Meteorology about preparation prior to a cyclone, and information on staying safe during and after a cyclone. This is a valuable checklist to print and have handy in a place everyone in the family is aware of.

The devastating weather event our fellow Queenslanders have recently endured has been catastrophic in scale, and the aftermath of that will continue to play out for many months, and even years ahead. Please stay safe everyone and avoid any unnecessary risks.