Home Value Index Continues to Rise

21 October 2021

This month CoreLogic released its latest report on the health of the Australian housing market, recording a rise of 1.5% in the national home value index in September, taking Australian … Read the full post »

Rule Changes to Ease Rising Household Debt

14 October 2021

The Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) has increased the serviceability buffer in response to concerns around rising household debt levels throughout the nation; advising authorised lenders that when assessing a … Read the full post »

Queensland: Australia’s Most Active Property Market

7 October 2021

According to the research by the online property exchange network PEXA, more homes were bought and sold in Queensland over the last quarter than in either NSW or Victoria, for … Read the full post »

Buying Your First Home: 6 Useful Tips

30 September 2021

There can almost be nothing more exciting than purchasing your first property; but along with the adrenalin can also come some trepidation – it is a huge financial commitment, the … Read the full post »

Multiple Offer Situations

23 September 2021

The robust state of the property market in key hot spots, such as the Sunshine Coast, is pushing prices upwards, mainly driven by the strength of demand in relation to … Read the full post »

Assistance for First Home Buyers

16 September 2021

With housing affordability at crisis levels – for both renters and buyers, the Federal Government recently announced the extension of the New Home Guarantee, and the establishment of a new … Read the full post »

Easements Explained

9 September 2021

When buying real estate, particularly for the first time, you sometimes come across some unfamiliar terms, one of them being ‘easement’; we get frequently asked about easements and what they … Read the full post »

Hold on Property Tightens Nationally

2 September 2021

Australian homeowners are holding onto their properties for longer than previous years according to CoreLogic; 10 years ago, the average length of time Australians stayed in each property they owned … Read the full post »

Apps to Help you Save Money!

26 August 2021

Saving for a house deposit is certainly not easy, particularly in an environment of rising property prices and low wage growth; budgeting is a ‘must’ and there are various ways … Read the full post »

Still a Seller’s Market!

19 August 2021

Despite the disruption the global pandemic continues to inflict on freedoms and the economy, the Australian property market is still going gangbusters, with home sales continuing to outpace new listings.

According … Read the full post »

Investment Property: Tax Deductions

12 August 2021

Well, we are now six weeks into a new financial year, which means (if you haven’t already) it’s time to think about submitting your tax return.  If you are an … Read the full post »

Olympic Fever…What Will it Mean for Property Prices!

5 August 2021

Well, despite COVID19 and all that accompanies it, re: lockdowns, border closures etc – the Tokyo Olympics (so far) has been an amazing spectacle, and Australia has achieved some of … Read the full post »

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