Growing Wealth Through Property

4 March 2021

The path to financial prosperity is not always straightforward, cheap, or easy; however, it is widely acknowledged and consistently proven over time, that one of the most solid ways to … Read the full post »

New Loan Commitments Continue to Grow

25 February 2021

Despite the pandemic still hanging around creating intermittent havoc, the Australian property market remains resilient, continuing to break records and defying the logical premise of instability one would have predicted … Read the full post »

Has My Tenant Abandoned My Property?

18 February 2021

If you are a private landlord, managing your rental portfolio yourself, occasionally you may come across a situation of ‘abandonment’; whereby a tenant has unexpectedly vacated your property.

What are the … Read the full post »

The Importance of Investing in a Marketing Campaign

11 February 2021

In our daily work life as Agents, we often meet with sellers who are totally sold on the idea of selling their home for a premium price, but not sold … Read the full post »

Maintaining Indoor Plants

4 February 2021

With downsizing and high-density living a trend that is here to stay, there’s an increasing market for indoor plants; despite garden sizes shrinking, many of us still like to have … Read the full post »

Regional Markets Continue to Shine!

28 January 2021

Australia’s leading property market analysts and data collectors, CoreLogic released their latest report on the health of the national property market this week, and there’s plenty of good news, particularly … Read the full post »

Property Terminology 101 – Part II

21 January 2021

Following on from last week, here is Property Terminology Part II, aiming to provide a simple and clear definition of property terms you may come across from time to time.

Strata … Read the full post »

Property Terminology 101

14 January 2021

As property professionals we regularly use specific terminology in our communications, often without spelling out what these terms mean, coming from a place of assumption that people just ‘know’.   However, … Read the full post »

Property Goals 2021

7 January 2021

Happy New Year to you and your family; we hope it will bring you and your loved one’s happiness, health, and prosperity after what was a challenging 2020 for many.

At … Read the full post »

Reflection on the Property Market 2020

31 December 2020

When we reflect on the year now gone, one of the biggest questions many economists and property analysts have asked, and addressed – is why didn’t the Australian property market … Read the full post »

10 Holiday Activity Ideas

24 December 2020

Just for something different this week and keeping in mind many of you are still on holidays, we have put a list together of things to do on the Sunshine … Read the full post »

Seasons Greetings

17 December 2020

As the year draws to a close, we reflect upon what a challenging and indeed strange year 2020 has been; our team here at Wright Place stayed positive throughout the … Read the full post »

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