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Buying an Investment Property at Auction

When looking for a property to commence or add to your investment portfolio, are you put off by Auction properties?  What are the benefits and challenges? Certainly, compared to private treaty sales, you are bidding against other potential buyers, with the winner the highest bidder; this competitive environment sometimes creates fear in investors of overpaying.  How do you avoid this?  Below are some tips to help you navigate the auction … Read the full post »

New or Old?

When it comes time to consider investing in property, many discussions arise around the question of the benefits of purchasing new, as opposed to old.  Which is better, particularly from a depreciation point of view? Whilst there is no black or white answer, generally if you are focused on capital allowance deductions then new is the way to go.

Why new?  What are the benefits?

The main benefit of buying a new … Read the full post »

First Time Property Investors: Tips for Rookies – Part II

Last week we spoke about four key factors to consider when purchasing an investment property: capital growth, cash flow, tax benefits, and accelerated growth.    This week we will talk about location and professional advice.


You are all familiar with the real estate mantra ‘location, location, location’.  Location is a key factor that can make or break a property investment.

Question: How do you get it right?

Answer:  Research.

You need to find out about … Read the full post »

First Time Property Investors: Tips for Rookies

Property investment is not for the faint-hearted, it is a big decision, and like all investment that involves significant amounts of capital outlay or borrowing; it is not without risk.  However, it is also one of the most solid and proven ways of growing your wealth, and generally involves less risk than the stock market and other capital ventures that can deliver strong returns in short periods of time.  A … Read the full post »

Investment Property Depreciation: How Does It Work?

Investment property depreciation can save investors thousands of dollars each year, minimising your tax and maximising your cash flow.  Depreciation is classed as a non-cash deduction, meaning that investors do not need to spend any money in order to claim it.

Below is a basic summation of what property depreciation is and how it works.   

What is property depreciation?

As a property ages, its structure, and the assets within it wear out … Read the full post »

Investor Alert! Proposed Changes to Queensland Rental Laws

Last week the Queensland Government Minister for Housing and Public Works, Mick de Brenni announced Stage 1 of proposed rental reforms that would significantly change Queensland’s rental market, that could potentially impact on the existing rights of landlords.

There is a range of reforms proposed including:

Abolishment of a landlord’s right to not review a tenancy agreement at the end of its agreed term;
The loss of a landlord’s right to … Read the full post »

Increase Rental Income & Deductions!

Australia’s renovations industry appears to be profiting from weaker economic conditions and tighter lending standards, with alterations and additions to residential buildings hitting a historic high recently.

Australian Bureau of Statistics Building Activity data showed a 6.6 percent increase in alterations and additions in 2018; this trend has continued into 2019 on the back of a softer market, indicating homeowners and investors seeking to improve capital values and increase rental income … Read the full post »

Land Banking…Hindsight is a Beautiful Thing!

If we all had the benefit of hindsight, we’d all be property millionaires by now.  How many times in the past, have you thought, ‘if only I had purchased that property when it was for sale 10 years ago’; too many no doubt.

However, circumstances mean that we aren’t always in a position at the time to purchase, or perhaps are not equipped with the relevant knowledge to have the foresight … Read the full post »

Creating Wealth Through Property Investment

Despite the cyclical nature of the property industry, investing in property is still one of the most secure and effective ways to grow your wealth; particularly if you view it as a mid to long term investment.  It is a very different beast to playing the stock and currency markets, but wise decisions pay off handsomely over time for many investors in property.

Below is a brief outline of the steps … Read the full post »

Sunshine Coast Nation’s Leading Investment HOT SPOT!

Further to last week’s newsletter, popular real estate website, has hailed the Sunshine Coast as the hottest place in the nation to invest in property right now, due to a lack of available housing, a tight rental market and rapidly growing population.

Leading industry commentators say the Sunshine Coast presents one of the best opportunities for capital growth, due to its liveability, affordability and future economic prospects; and there … Read the full post »

Finding the ‘Right’ Investment Property

Choosing an investment property can be quite a challenge.  It is critical you are equipped with the right knowledge and advice prior to making an offer.  The criteria are different to that of choosing your own home.  Below are some tips to consider in the purchasing decision:

Do not let emotions cloud your judgment – this is about capital growth and the numbers.
Research – you cannot ‘over’ research, but … Read the full post »

Should I Rent or Sell my Property?

When’s it time to move – it may be work-related relocation, upsizing, downsizing, or other reasons; the big dilemma many home owners face is whether to sell or rent their existing property.  Whilst each situation is individual and very much circumstance-driven, below are five factors to consider that you may find helpful.


This is critical in the decision-making process – what makes financial sense?  You will need to consider your personal … Read the full post »

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