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Rental Properties: Repairs Versus Improvements

If you own an investment property knowing the difference between a rental property repair as opposed to an improvement is essential, in particular when it comes to boosting the returns of your property and maximising tax benefits. The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has cracked down on property owners after receiving a multitude of incorrect claims; and they treat these two terms differently.
What counts as Repairs and Maintenance?
The easiest way to … Read the full post »

Investment Property: Tax Deductions

Well, we are now six weeks into a new financial year, which means (if you haven’t already) it’s time to think about submitting your tax return.  If you are an investor with a rental property (or properties) there are deductions you can claim for against some of the expenses you incurred during the past financial year.

It is important to note you can only claim deductions for expenses that relate to … Read the full post »

Is Your New Year’s Resolution to Renovate?

Happy New Year everyone. We hope you celebrated the way you wished, and the recovery was effortless! We are excited about what lies ahead in 2020, and in fact the next decade, and we are gearing up for another busy year listing and selling in and around Mount Coolum.

If RENOVATION is on the agenda for 2020 – there are many things to consider prior to undertaking any works, alongside budget … Read the full post »

Increase Rental Income & Deductions!

Australia’s renovations industry appears to be profiting from weaker economic conditions and tighter lending standards, with alterations and additions to residential buildings hitting a historic high recently.

Australian Bureau of Statistics Building Activity data showed a 6.6 percent increase in alterations and additions in 2018; this trend has continued into 2019 on the back of a softer market, indicating homeowners and investors seeking to improve capital values and increase rental income … Read the full post »

Improving the VALUE of Your Property: Internally

Last week we wrote making changes to the external changes to your home to improve value and appeal when preparing for market. This week we cover internal improvements.

The two most important rooms to renovate (if needed) prior to selling are the kitchen and the bathroom. These are the ‘big ticket’ items with regard to cost, due to plumbing, electrics etc…and it’s amazing how many properties are dismissed by buyers from … Read the full post »

Improving the VALUE of Your Property: Externally

Last week we wrote about valuations and what they involve; whilst factors like location and state of the market are out of your control – making changes to the home to improve value and appeal ARE in your control.

Firstly, do not underestimate the power of first impressions when it comes to property. Whether you are looking to sell or just improve your property’s overall appeal and value; what you can … Read the full post »

Property Flippers & Depreciation!

Last week we talked about capital gains tax deductions, this week we are highlighting legislation changes from late last year that changed the way depreciation for pre-existing plant and equipment found in second hand properties will be treated.  Plant and equipment depreciation cover all removable and mechanical assets which generally depreciate faster than the building.

What is ‘property flipping’?

Property flipping occurs when an investor buys, renovates and resells a property within … Read the full post »

Improvements that Add Value!

It is widely acknowledged, and history demonstrates that spring is generally the busiest selling time; owners considering selling often wait until spring to sell their home.  Whilst this may be true, there are also advantages to selling in quieter periods, such as autumn and winter, as there is generally less stock available for buyers to choose from.  If you are considering in spring, NOW is the time you should be … Read the full post »