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Rental Reforms: QLD

Recently the Queensland Parliament passed rental reforms that every tenant and property owner should be aware of; with the industry’s leading professional body, the Real Estate Institute of Queensland (REIQ), saying that although they are an improvement on what the government initially proposed, the pendulum still firmly swings in favour of tenants and reduces property owners’ contractual rights.

In summary the main five provisions of the Housing Legislation Amendment Bill 2021 … Read the full post »

Rental Affordability Crisis

Figures released last week by CoreLogic confirm a strong uplift of 6.6% in rent values over the year; this follows a decade of relatively subdued annual rent growth, averaging 1.8% since June 2011.

Regional lifestyle markets such as the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast, are two of the areas that have experienced the highest price growth, driven by strong demand, outstripping supply; with weekly rents reaching record heights rivalling parts of … Read the full post »

Has My Tenant Abandoned My Property?

If you are a private landlord, managing your rental portfolio yourself, occasionally you may come across a situation of ‘abandonment’; whereby a tenant has unexpectedly vacated your property.

What are the ‘red flags’?

Late rent
Cessation in communication ie no response to emails etc
Unkempt gardens
Overflowing letterbox
Information from neighbours
Direct indication/communication from tenants themselves

What happens now?

It is essential that you follow the correct procedures before changing the locks and … Read the full post »

Queensland Sticking to Original Moratorium

The Queensland state government has announced that it will stick with the original deadline of the eviction moratorium for residential tenants. Under the announcement, the moratorium, which is applied to residential tenants suffering an income loss of at least 25% amid the COVID-19 pandemic, will be lifted by the end of the month.

Housing Minister Mick de Brenni said Queensland’s economy is faring better than other states, making it ideal to … Read the full post »

Tick Tock…The Clock is Ticking

We all know time goes quickly…hey, it’s March already, and we’ve only just got used to writing ’20 instead of ’19!  The Real Estate Institute of Queensland (REIQ) are reminding people about the changes to Queensland’s smoke alarm registration that come into effect on 1 January 2022.

ALL domestic dwellings leased or sold have to be fitted with interconnected photoelectric smoke alarms; and at this stage there are no plans to … Read the full post »

Make Your Application Shine!

Applying for a rental can be quite stressful, especially if competing with many other applicants for the same property, as is often the case, particularly in lifestyle-driven areas such as the Sunshine Coast.  Like anything you are competing for, you need to ensure your application stands out from the crowd, for all the RIGHT reasons, not the wrong ones.

Below are a few helpful tips when submitting your application.  They may … Read the full post »

Ending a Tenancy Agreement Early

Can a tenant terminate their fixed term tenancy agreement early? What are the implications and laws surrounding this?

A fixed term lease is a promise by the tenant to stay and pay rent for the full term; and any breach of this generally leaves the tenant liable for compensation to the lessor for reasonable reletting expenses. However, there are circumstances in which a tenant can terminate the tenancy agreement early, as … Read the full post »

DID You Know?

Did you know that we also offer Property Management services; as well as listing and selling property in the local area, we also manage it with the same dedication, attention to detail, and customer service focus that we apply to the sales arm of our business.

Not only are we the ONLY agency on the Sunshine Coast that offers a best practice guarantee; if you switch over to us now from … Read the full post »

Meth Labs & Property Rentals

Not a pleasant topic this week; but one that is increasingly real across the nation – methamphetamine laboratories in rental properties – these labs have been found in the poorest and wealthiest of suburbs, it is not only a blight of lower socio-economic areas, it could be your rental property!

The REIQ (Real Estate Institute of Queensland) have recently published a report about this growing problem; not to scare, but to … Read the full post »

Pet Bond Proposition Receives Support

The Queensland Government’s Department of Housing and Public Works (HPW) have been undergoing an ongoing review of the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act (2008); and a critical part of this process has involved consultation with the public on rental reform, called “Open Doors to Renting Reform”.

One particular area reviewed has been the challenging issue of allowing pets in rental properties – some owners will, some won’t, and can be … Read the full post »

Smoke Alarm Update…Get in Now & Save Money!

The REIQ are warning of a potential price hike and last-minute panic if more landlords don’t act in regard to the changes to Queensland’s Smoke Alarm Legislation rolled out in early 2017.  They report that to date (June 2018), only a small number of landlords have changed their smoke alarms to the new photoelectric system, which is compulsory on all tenanted properties by January 2022.

REIQ CEO Ms Antonia Mercorella said … Read the full post »