Happy New Year

Now with Christmas 2018 done and dusted, it’s time to prepare for a New Year!  Every New Year brings new hope, new optimism, and new opportunities; we celebrate the passing of the old on the eve of the new on December 31st.

2018 has been a momentous year for us here at Wright Place, we opened our doors to the public early this year to a wonderful response from the local community.  We are the only agency with a shop front in Mount Coolum, and our founder, is Principal Karine Wright, an award-winning experienced Agent who has been successfully servicing the Mount Coolum area for many years prior.

We will be closed on New Year’s Day only, and open on all other business days; pop into our office and say hello, let us know what resolutions you have for the year, what your hopes and aspirations are for 2019.  We love chatting to local residents and visitors to the area!

Happy New Year, and if you are celebrating New Year’s Eve, stay safe and enjoy!