Improving the VALUE of Your Property: Internally

Last week we wrote making changes to the external changes to your home to improve value and appeal when preparing for market. This week we cover internal improvements.

The two most important rooms to renovate (if needed) prior to selling are the kitchen and the bathroom. These are the ‘big ticket’ items with regard to cost, due to plumbing, electrics etc…and it’s amazing how many properties are dismissed by buyers from the ‘get-go’ due to a shabby kitchen or dated bathroom.

When looking at a kitchen, buyers look at:

• Amount of storage, including size of pantry
• Quality and type of appliances (e.g.: gas or electric cooktop)
• Position in home, i.e. is it central to living/dining areas
• Finishing’s such as cabinetry and benches
• Natural light and ventilation
• Is there any major money needing to be spent here in short-medium term?
• Colour scheme – is it dated or fresh

When looking at a bathroom, buyers look at:

• Type and amount of storage
• Natural light and ventilation
• Layout in relation to bedrooms/living areas
• Use of space – has this been maximised
• Colour scheme decor
• Quality of tapware & fittings

Whilst some of these factors, such as position in the house, can’t be cost-effectively changed; there are many other ways you can brighten up and freshen these rooms to enhance appeal, from changing the flooring, repainting/tiling, and updating tapware and appliances (if needed).

The rest of the interior including living rooms, bedrooms, laundry, office/study, sunroom, alfresco patio…should also sparkle.

• Declutter
• Depersonalise (as much as possible)
• Repaint if needed
• Invest in some fresh linen/bedding
• Clean windows & skirting boards
• Get rid of shabby blinds/curtains
• Ensure all light fittings are working
• Replace broken or ugly knobs/handles

Most of this is common sense, and yes, it can be a bit of an effort, especially when you are still living in the property; but a stylish interior that complements an immaculate exterior will certainly maximise appeal as well as price.