Let’s Have a Conversation!

We all live in a world now of instant information – whilst it has its clear benefits, in an ironical way all this communication can be isolating and impersonal.  Many of it is automated and whilst it may be addressed to you personally, it is exactly same information going out to countless other contacts electronically via email or SMS.

How many people actually read all, if any of the hundreds of bulk messages they receive each week from a range of sources – banks, insurance companies, real estate agents, travel companies, charities and so on?  We all become a bit desensitised and switch off.  Do you ever respond, or do you just delete or ignore the message?

As an Agent, digitalisation has been an effective marketing and communication tool, and has certainly changed the face of our industry; however, fundamentally this business is still all about building relationships, and sending out bulk electronic messages does not achieve this without the balance of personal interaction.  One-on-one individual communication, face to face or via telephone, still plays a critical role in the long-term success of an Agent.

The most satisfying part of my job is meeting people and having a discussion with them about their property goals; without face-to-face communication, this would be a ‘soulless’ occupation.  As an Agent I can best assist you to achieve the optimum outcome by having a real conversation, so I can better understand your needs, and you can also better understand how I can help to deliver the desired result.

Let’s talk.