Pet Bond Proposition Receives Support

The Queensland Government’s Department of Housing and Public Works (HPW) have been undergoing an ongoing review of the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act (2008); and a critical part of this process has involved consultation with the public on rental reform, called “Open Doors to Renting Reform”.

One particular area reviewed has been the challenging issue of allowing pets in rental properties – some owners will, some won’t, and can be problematic for tenants to find a rental where they can keep their pet.  A recent snap poll to the question of “Would a pet bond help tenants and owners reach agreement around keeping pets?”; 85% (1451) of those polled said YES.

The REIQ said their organisation is in favour of welcoming pets into rental properties; however, they understand landlords would like to be able to protect their investment and mitigate any damage caused by pets and feel the introduction of a pet bond could strike a good balance.

REIQ CEO Antonia Mercorella said that more than 34% of Queenslanders rent, and the supply of dwellings is heavily dependent on investment from the private sector, so the needs of both renters and landlords must be balanced, and that evidence shows that tenants with pets tend to stay in the property longer.