Queensland Floods

Out of respect to the people suffering from the devastation of the catastrophic weather event in south-east Queensland over the past week, we will not be providing any real estate advise this week.  Rather, we dedicate this space to give a huge shout out to all the people, paid and unpaid who have risked their own lives and given up their time to assist those who have been in danger or suffering from some kind of emergency situation brought on by flooding.

Below are some links that might prove useful for anyone wanting further information about ongoing assistance or even how they can help/donate.

Qld State Government – click here.

Federal Government – click here.

To donate to SES – click here.

There are other organisations and Go-Fund-Me pages set up, that you may want to investigate at a personal level to assist those directly in your area.  Below are just some numbers of widely recognised groups that can also offer advice/assistance.

  • Australian Red Cross Society 1800 733 276.
  • The Salvation Army 13 SALVOS (13 72 58)
  • St Vincent de Paul Society Queensland 13 18 12.
  • Lifeline Queensland 1800 961 881.

Sadly, there have been human lives lost, pets and livestock lost, precious memories destroyed, and people’s livelihoods in jeopardy after what has already been a difficult few years.

Once again, we extend our thoughts and best wishes to all those who have had to face any challenges or losses during this weather event; it’s been stressful and as always, when dealing with ‘Mother Nature’, so much is beyond our control.

Take care all.