Removing Moving Stress…

It is widely touted that one of the most stressful experiences in life is moving house; and many who have undergone this would not disagree. However, with some planning and help, you can minimise the stress, increase the efficiency, and decrease the angst.

Whilst most of these tips feel a bit like ‘stating the obvious’ – it can be handy to revisit this list prior to commencing, just to reinforce what you inherently already know, but what can get lost in haze and stress of relocating.

1. Get organised as early in advance as possible
2. Declutter prior to packing – sell, donate, or discard unwanted things
3. Be strategic – have a logical system, there are plenty of great tips online
4. Label in detail
5. Have a separate bag for essentials – so you aren’t rummaging through boxes on the day you move in
6. Accept offers of help from friends and family…many hands make light work
7. Get the professionals to do the heavy lifting
8. Have wine on hand to help you relax at the end of the move!

Some people have moving down to a ‘fine art’ and for others it’s a titanic effort that is the stuff of nightmares…make sure you are the former not the latter.

Happy moving!