Stay SAFE in Storm Season!

What a summer we’ve been having – bush fires, floods, and heavy rain events.  Here on the Sunshine Coast, we are right in the middle of our storm season and there’s plenty of reasons to ensure you are ‘storm prepared’ prior to the event to keep your family and property safe.

The following tips offer advice on what you should have in your emergency kit and how to stay safe before, during and after a severe weather event.

Prepare for storms

Before the storm season begins, prepare an emergency kit and trim tree branches well clear of your house. You should also:

  • check and clean your roof, gutters and downpipes
  • identify loose objects in your yard and on your balcony, such as outdoor furniture and toys that will have to be put away or secured if a storm approaches
  • have a supply of plastic shopping bags to use as sandbags for emergency storm water diversion
  • have masking tape and plastic sheeting or large garbage bags available for emergency rain protection

Storm emergency kit

Prepare an emergency kit with these suggested items:

  • a portable battery-operated radio and torch with fresh or spare batteries and bulb
  • a list of local radio stations for emergency information
  • candles with waterproof matches or a gas lantern
  • reasonable stocks of fresh water and tinned or dried food
  • a first aid kit and basic first aid knowledge
  • good supplies of essential medication
  • strong shoes and rubber gloves
  • a waterproof bag for clothing and valuables – put valuables and certificates in the bag and put the bag in a safe place
  • a list of your emergency contact numbers
  • a car charger for your mobile phone

Click here to download fact sheets from the Sunshine Coast Council website that you may find helpful.