Support Local Business

As a community we generally try to be mindful of supporting our local services; and now more than ever with the easing of restrictions we need to make even more of an effort to support these small businesses, many of whom have struggled during the lock-down measures the Covid19 pandemic created…and it’s not over yet.

There are so many good reasons to support local business:

  • Local businesses create employment opportunities, in fact small business employs nearly half of Australia’s workforce.
  • Small business is a vibrant part of the community, often owned by local residents and many employees are often also from the local area.
  • A percentage of the profits get reinvested back in the local community or expansion/improvements which could generate more employment opportunities.
  • Customer service – with very few exceptions, the service provided by small business is more personalised and attentive than dealing with larger businesses.
  • Convenience – many of us complain about being ‘time poor’, so access to a service that is locally based, even if it means paying a little more on occasions, is a bonus not to be dismissed.

Here at Mount Coolum we have a thriving local business community, mostly small scale retailers who deliver friendly service with a smile, value their customers, and work hard to make a living to support their family and keep job security for their employees.

Let’s continue to support them in every way we can – it benefits all of us.  Shop locally and keep your dollar in your community.