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Working from Home: The Pros & Cons!

As the COVID19 pandemic continues to linger, there are still a significant percentage of the workforce working from home; however, prior to COVID this was already a growing phenomenon that was transforming the landscape of the Australian workforce.  Improvements in technology have been the driving force in propelling this change, with face-to-face connectivity facilitated via live streaming platforms, allowing workers absent from their workplace to join in group discussions, meetings, … Read the full post »

Open House DO’s and DON’Ts

When in the market to purchase a property, one of the most critical first steps is to physically inspect, either via private inspection, or more commonly – an ‘open home’ conducted by the Agent.  This is a crucial part of the information gathering process and also allows you to get a real ‘feel’ for the property that you can’t from photos and marketing blurb.

To maximise the effectiveness of this experience, … Read the full post »

Do I Stay or Do I Go?

When you decide to sell your property, one of the things you might consider, is whether or not to move out whilst it is for sale and live elsewhere, or to remain living there throughout the campaign.

What is best?  Well, that depends on your own individual circumstances, and certainly many agents would recommend vacating the property and styling it before sale.

What are the benefits of vacating?

The demands of living … Read the full post »

Downsizing? Things to Consider.

As Australia’s population ages with people living (and working) longer, there has been a shift from a portion of the demographic to move from the family home into something smaller – it might be a smaller home, an apartment/townhouse, or a villa at a retirement/over 50’s community.

The advantages include: minimising maintenance, access to equity locked in family home, freeing up responsibility – making it easier to ‘lock and leave’ the … Read the full post »

Buying & Selling…Timing Pros & Cons!

When it comes time to move property, should you sell first and buy later? Or find something first and then sell? What are the pros and cons of buying and selling at the same time? Well, it really depends. It depends on your circumstances and motivation; both financially and personally, and whether or not you are buying and selling in the same location, meaning within same local market environment.

Advantages of … Read the full post »