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Working from Home: The Pros & Cons!

As the COVID19 pandemic continues to linger, there are still a significant percentage of the workforce working from home; however, prior to COVID this was already a growing phenomenon that was transforming the landscape of the Australian workforce.  Improvements in technology have been the driving force in propelling this change, with face-to-face connectivity facilitated via live streaming platforms, allowing workers absent from their workplace to join in group discussions, meetings, … Read the full post »

Teamwork…There’s No “i” in TEAM!

This week I’d like to introduce you to two valuable members of the Wright Place team – Kristy Armstrong and Bianca Borninkhof, both contribute enormously to the success of Wright Place; they are hard-working, diligent individuals who play a critical role in the smooth running of the business and share the same ethos of exceptional customer service.

Kristy Armstrong is my Personal Assistant, and this role requires continual multi-tasking across areas … Read the full post »